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SVATÍKOVÁ, Katarína: Sacral and the Profane Aspect Phenomenon of Human Sacrifice on the Example of Mesoamerica of post-classic period. [Graduation Thesis]. – University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius in Trnava. College of Arts; Department of Ethnology and World Studies. – Supervisor: PhDr. Radoslav Hlúšek, PhD. Degree of professional qualification: Master. – Trnava: FF UCM, 2013. 116 p.

The thesis represents the cult of human sacrifice in Mesoamerica of post-classic period, introduces a platform of research problems based on available literature, and attempts to give a self-contained reflection of the phenomenon, focusing on profane-sacred context. Primary emphasis on the content of the work and not the form of this cultural phenomenon makes it possible to focus on two fundamental aspects of practice of human sacrifice, which are power-political and religious-mythological reasons. The fundamental task is to try to reconstruct the sphere of meanings and values that Mesoamerican traditional pre-Hispanic culture attributed to this rite. The thesis also highlights the death perception, while the bulk is devoted to the analysis of cannibalism as one of the supporting characters of the phenomenon of human sacrifice. The thesis deals with the issue of function of human sacrifice rituals in Mesoamerican society and highlights the importance of mythological systems for their implementation. The basic postulate of this work is that the sacrifice is just one of the many cultural expressions, by whose implementation Mesoamerican culture was comprehensively marked. It offers not only sacred but also profane view of the rites of human sacrifice, advances a hypothesis of sacrifice rituals like a political power practices, through which the ruling elite shape the concept of culture and which are the means that serve to dominate and control the population and their thought structures.
Key words: Human sacrifice. Mesoamerica. Ritual. Blood. Mythology. Religion. Political-power practises. Advocacy of control.

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