BMM 2015

6th. Bratislava Maya Meeting 2015


26. – 29. 11. 2015


Harri Kettunen, Dmitri Beliaev, Alexander Safronov, John F. Chuchiak Guido Krempel, Carlos Pallán, Eva Jobbova


Workshop Topics (27. – 29. 11. 2015)


Beginners – Kings of the Usumacinta Valley

– Carlos Pallán Gayol (University of Bonn), Eva Jobbová (University College London)


Intermediate – In the Shadow of Teotihuacan – Early Classic Inscriptions of Uaxactun and Surroundings

– Dmitri Beliaev (State University of Moscow), Alexander Safronov (Lomonosov University of Moscow)


Advanced Workshop – Maya Grammar

– Harri Kettunen (University of Helsinki), Guido Krempel (University of Bonn)


Special Workshop – Tu´ux ku bino´ob le kuo´obo´: An ethnographic and epigraphic examination of Maya deities

– John F. Chuchiak (University of Missouri), Guido Krempel (University of Bonn)


Symposium – Maya Ritualism (26.11. 2015)

Harri Kettunen (Food for the Gods: Cacao in Maya Rituals and Feasts),

John IV. Chuchiak (U Uich Ku: An Ethnohistorical Examination of the Production, Imagery, and Functions of Colonial Yucatec Maya Idols and Effigy Censers, 1540 – 1700)

Dmitri Beliaev & Alexander Safronov (Living with the Ancestors in the Early Classic Peten: Royal ancestors in Maya texts and iconography)

Milan Kováč  (Animal Shape Shifters – Dynamics of Maya Nagualism)

Guido Krempel (A precious offering: imagery and ritual speech of the Late Preclassic Scepter of Structure H-XVI-Sub, Uaxactun)

Jaroslaw Zralka & Wieslaw Koszkul  (Bedrock shrine or artificial cave? The ritual and ceremonial construction of the early Maya from Nakum)

Carlos Pallán (Foreign Influences on Deity Representations and Religious Concepts on the Dresden Codex: Exploring the Sources)

Jakub Špoták (K´atun Lords in the Paris Codex)


Special Seminar (27.11. 2015)

– New Decipherment of Stelae from Uaxactun (Brainstorming)